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Filamentive Filaments:
EU: – use code 3dmakernoob for 15% discount
US: – use code 3dnoob01 for 15% discount

Discount Codes (Non Affiliate):
FormFutura Filaments: Use Code: 3DMAKERNOOB-FFT (15% off)
3DPrintz: Use Code: 3dmakernoob (10% off)

Equipment Used For Recording and Live Streams:
(A-Roll) Panasonic Lumix G7: 
(B-Roll) Canon EOS760D:
Canon Lens:
ElGato Stream Deck:
Elgato HD60S Capture Card:
Timelapse – GoPro Hero 5:
Microphone, Rode Filmmaker Kit:
Light Boxes:
High Speed SD Card:
Logitech C930e:

Affiliate Links

Latest Codes and Offers From Gearbest

3D Printers:

Anet A4 Delta: – Use Code: ANETA4$169.99
Anet E10: – Use Code: Anete10us – $299.99
Anet A6: – Use Code: Aneta6jk – $199.99
Anet A8: – Use Code: A8KIDA – $145.99
Anet E12: – Use Code: GBA12$309.99
Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit: – Use Code: AnetE2$189.99
Anet A9 Single Arm 3D Printer: – Use Code: ANETA9$182.99

Tevo Tornado EU Version: – Use Code: Tornados – $329.99
Tevo Tornado US Version: – Use Code: TornadoUS – $359.99 
Tevo Tarantula: – Use Code: newtevotara – $209.99
Tevo Little Monster: – Use Code: Monster1$789.99
Tevo Black Widow: – Use Code: TevoBlackWidow$389.99
Tevo Michelangelo: – Use Code: TEMOMi – $199.99

Creality CR-10 US Version: – Use Code: 11CR10US – $379.99
Creality CR-10 EU Version: – Use Code: CR10UK31 or 11CR10EU – $379.99
Creality CR-10 Mini: – Use Code: CR10MINI – $307.99
Creality CR-10S EU/US Version:  – Use Code: GBCR10S or GBRC10SEU- $469.99
Creality CR-10S4 (400x400x400) : – USe Code: GBCR10B – $669.99
Creality Ender 2: – Use Code ENDERC – $165.99

FLSUN FL – K Base Delta 3D Printer Kit: – Use Code: KBase$176.99
FLSUN FL – Q Cricket DIY 3D Printer Kit: – Use Code: QCricket$345.99
FLSUN FL – C Cube Simply Equipped Frame 3D Printer Kit: – Use Code: CCube$319.99
FLSUN i3 Plus Dual-extruder Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer Kit: – Use Code: FLSUNi3 – $289.99

Tronxy X5S: – Use Code: X5SGB1 – $279.99

Tronxy X3S Upgraded (CR-10 Clone): – Use Code: GBX3SS$319.99
Tronxy X8  DIY 3D Printer: – Use Code: GBTRX8$149.99

JGAURORA A5: – Use Code: JGAURORAA5$359.99
JGAURORA A3S: – Use CodeJGAURORAA3S – $259.99

Geeetech E180 Mini – – Use Code: GeeetechE180$229.99

Anycubic Kossel Delta: – Use Code: Kossel10 – $169.99
Anycubic I3 Mega: – Use Code: Anycubicjk – $389.99

CNC T8 Mini Mill: – Use Code: 3DMakerNoobCM01 – $150.99

Tools and Supplies: – Use Code: GBECT – 18% OFF


DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone – BNF WHITE : – Use Code: HKSparkC – $579.00
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Foldable RC Quadcopter – RTF – FLY MORE COMBO PLATINUM: – Use Code: HKPJTZ – $1189.00
DJI Mavic Pro Grey Foldable RC Quadcopter – RTF – FLY MORE COMBO: – Use Code: HKDJIMC – $1025.00
DJI Phantom 4 Pro RC Quadcopter – RTF – BLACK – Use Code: DJIP415 –

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K: – Use Code: GBTN111512$369.99


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